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Teacher Training

The Bishop of Winchester Academy has a fundamental belief in offering high quality learning experiences not only for its students but for trainee teachers and its entire staff.

We are committed to and launched our first cohort on the School Direct programme at the beginning of this the 2015-16 academic year due to the practical, school-based nature of the training. With our previous experience of the Graduate Teacher Programme and the relationship we have developed over many years with the University of Exeter we felt that this was only natural.

School Direct is a teacher training programme led by schools working in close partnership with initial teacher education providers. Here at The Bishop of Winchester Academy we have excellent and established links with the University of Exeter and we have identified their model of teacher training to be highly reflective, challenging and most importantly, rooted in years of experience in this field. They are an Ofsted ‘Outstanding’ provider and also offer the opportunity of gaining MA credits as part of their training programme.

The training programme provides trainees with a PGCE on successful completion of the course, QTS and 60 Masters Credits delivered through the distance learning modules.

 School Direct Training Programme – The Bishop of Winchester Academy (2015/16)

  • Your training programme consists of a broad range of activity, including online work, in and out of school tasks and wider reading
  • You have been allocated one day a week to complete your distance learning work. This will hopefully appear as a whole day but may be part days. You are expected to be in school during this time unless the work requires you to be off site. This should be discussed with your PST (TBOWA tutor). You also have a period a week with your PST and a period a cycle with the ITEC
  • In addition you will have 5 training days at school, a targeted range of observations, a second school experience and a professional studies programme.  We are also offering conference days in school
  • There will be disaggregated training after school throughout the year which you must attend
  • You will have a PST and a mentor with dedicated time on your timetable to meet. Some meetings will be after school


Frequently Asked Questions about School Direct at The Bishop of Winchester Academy

What is distinctive about a school-led programme?

The School Direct programme tries to engage the knowledge and experience of school colleagues in the delivery of programmes, in conjunction with the University of Exeter. The benefits are very tangible with schools being more involved with recruitment to their centre and trainees provided with more options for ITE as well as feeling more involved from day one with their school.

What qualification will I receive?

The School Direct (fee paying) route at The Bishop of Winchester Academy provides QTS, a PGCE and 60 Masters credits

What is the advantage of a PGCE?

This is an academic qualification and demonstrates that you have critically engaged with the research and knowledge base which underpins professional practice. Some schools insist that you have this qualification

What will my timetable look like?

Different schools vary, but here at The Bishop of Winchester Academy we offer a range of ages from years 7-13, although you would not be expected to teach straight away. The greatest advantage of our model is that the degree of confidence is gauged at the start and if you felt able to start teaching some groups, and we and the University agreed, then you could. However you start, there would be no more than an 80% timetable for you to follow although you would be expected to teach no more than 60% of a timetable by the end of the year

What fees do I pay and to whom?

The cost of the School Direct (fee paying) route is £9000 and this is payable to the University of Exeter. The money is used for a variety of purposes, with £3000 going directly into the Masters element of the course. The school receives some of this money and it is used to provide training and support for the trainee. Bursaries are available for some subject areas and for varying amounts depending on the classification of your degree. Loans are also available to trainees on this course. For more up to date information on the specific subjects awarded bursaries, visit 

What support do I get?

You will receive a broad range of support. You will have a subject tutor, a mentor and the person in charge of ITE in the school as direct support on a day to day basis. You will also be working amongst a highly motivated and supportive staff. The University of Exeter provide a visiting tutor as well as online forums and social groups. You will have meetings every week where you will be guided and supported in your progress.

What training will I get?

It is now no longer a requirement that you receive exactly 60 days (or equivalent) of training through the year however, The Bishop of Winchester Academy  have chosen to continue with this model as we see it as good practice. It is broken down into a range of opportunities including weekly meetings, observations throughout the school, off site courses, a day a week to complete Masters level work and in school training including 5 conference days new for 2015.

When should I apply?

As soon as you can. The process is competitive and there are usually 15 applications for each place offered.

  • University of Bournemouth
  • Arts University
  • Duke of Edinburgh
  • Diocese of Winchester
  • Teach First
  • University of Exeter
  • The University of Winchester
  • Ambitions
  • Southampton University
  • Bath Spa University