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The Bishop of Winchester Academy

The Bishop
of Winchester

Christian Ethos

"Students' behaviour is outstanding." (Ofsted July 2013)

The Bishop of Winchester Academy is a Church of England Academy where students and staff work together in the knowledge and love of God. We try to act out our faith in our daily lives, with Christ as our example. We see education as an integral part of the mission of the Church to proclaim all that is good in human living, inspired through the work of God.

We aim to provide our students, within a Christian environment, with a high quality secondary education, which will prepare them for the challenges and opportunities of life ahead. We seek to promote and support the spiritual, moral, social, cultural, intellectual, physical and emotional development of all our students.

For students of the Christian faith the Academy aims to provide an environment in which that faith may grow. For students who choose not to follow the Christian faith, the school aims to provide a positive experience of Christianity, so that the faith of Christianity might be respected and understood. Equally the Academy will show respect and act with care towards students from other world faith communities.

  • Duke of Edinburgh
  • Diocese of Winchester