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The Bishop of Winchester Academy

The Bishop
of Winchester


As an academy we pride ourselves on our knowledge-based curriculum and our homework supports and reinforces what is being taught in each lesson. The homework tasks are designed to aid your child in mastering their subjects by learning more and remembering more.

In Key Stage 3, your child will have the opportunity to complete homework that consists of Knowledge Organisers set via Quizlet or independent homework set via Satchel One, formerly ShowMyHomework. Quizlet is an online study application that allows students to study information via learning tools, flashcards and tests.

The following subjects will be using Knowledge Organisers in KS3: Science, History, Geography, RS, Healthy Living, Computer Science and Food Technology. These Knowledge Organisers have been uploaded onto Quizlet as ‘sets’ which students will complete weekly. In order to complete the homework, students need to complete two or more activities from the ‘learn, flashcards, write and spell’ section and achieve at least 80% on the test to achieve mastery. Year 9 will also complete Business Studies, Computer Science, Health and Social Care, Media Studies, PE, Travel and Tourism Knowledge Organiser homework as part of their options rotations. Please be aware that any homework set via Quizlet will be automatically uploaded. Students should go directly to Quizlet to complete this work, it will not be set on Satchel One. 

Some subjects are setting independent homework in replacement of Knowledge Organisers. This includes Maths via Sparx, English via Accelerated Reader and a creative writing task, Spanish via LanguageNut, Creative Arts and Performing Arts via an independent project. In addition to Knowledge Organisers, Science will set a ‘Thinking Scientifically’ Project via Seneca and in Year 9 Geography will set additional homework. All independent homework is set via Satchel One.


In Key Stage 4, all subjects will set independent homework via Satchel One.

 Please find below the Student Homework Timetables for each year group.

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