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The Bishop of Winchester Academy

The Bishop
of Winchester

6th Form Dress Code

At TBOWA we expect high standards of commitment, attendance and punctuality and expect you to set a good example to the rest of the school in the way that you dress.  The image presented by TBOWA 6th Form students is set as an example to the lower school and it is important that our image and reputation is of a high standard for the local community: "high expectations, no excuses". 

We also respect the fact that it is equally important for students to dress comfortably and with a degree of individuality.  At TBOWA, it is seen as a privilege not to have to wear a formal uniform, however having a smart appearance is an opportunity to develop expectations required in the world of work.  Please remember that you are a role model to other students at all times, showing maturity in the way that you dress. 

We expect students at TBOWA 6th Form to:

  • Dress appropriately with a smart appearance at all times setting an example to the rest of the Academy, not causing offence or embarrassment to others.
  • Jewellery and make up is permitted but worn inline of maintaining a smart appearance.  All facial piercings must be discrete and not cause offence to others.
  • Avoid causing offence or embarrassment to others with bare midriffs, low neck-lines, offensive logos or extreme clothing or hairstyles.
  • Wear student ID badge at all times when on the Academy site.

We see 6th Formers as senior members of the Academy.  First impressions are therefore very important in all interactions, whether it be staff, visitors, parents or other students.  6th Formers should set an example to all other students.

The following items are not acceptable:

Caps, hats, bandanas, visible underwear, beach wear, playsuits, onesies, visible tattoos, clothing which is torn (accidental or in the design), stiletto heels, flat backless shoes such as flip flops and slip on sandals.

The 6th Form Leadership Team will make the final decision on any student failing to meet the required standards expected.

  • Duke of Edinburgh
  • Diocese of Winchester