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 Education Against Hate

The Education Against Hate website brings together the best advice, support and resources available for parents, teachers and school leaders who want to learn how to protect young people from extremism and radicalisation, and is the result of successful collaboration between the Department for Education, the Home Office, the NSPCC, Internet Matters, Childnet, ParentZone, UK Internet Safety Centre, and the many other organisations who have contributed resources.

Education Against Hate website


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 Free School Meals Application Form


Am I eligible?

To determine if you are eligible to apply, please visit


How do I apply?

If you meet the criteria for being eligible, then applications are through BCP council, with details on the link above.


How long does an application take?

This is not something we can influence or predict as the processing is down to BCP council. Once we are informed by BCP council (that a child is in receipt of free school meals it will be live on our system the following day (as the systems automatically update and sync overnight each night).However, as a safety measure to ensure your child gets their meal as soon as possible, please also provide a copy of the letter from BCP confirming the award to the school – email to: marked for the attention of Admissions Officer.


If eligibility is confirmed, how does my child claim their free school meal?

Anyone in receipt of a free school meal should go to canteen, select their meal and proceed to the tills. The fact that they are in receipt of free school meals will be noted on the till operator’s screen. A free school meal can be used for a “Lunch Offer”, or at morning break for a “Brunch Offer”.


What is included in the daily allowance?

We are keen that students who are entitled to a free school meal have a balanced, healthy meal. Therefore, there are only certain items that are eligible to be purchased using the free school meal credit that the child receives. In short, the “Lunch Offer” is a hot meal of the day (a vegetarian alternative is available) or a freshly prepared sandwich, with a potted dessert or fruit or yoghurt.

“Brunch Offer” is a hot snack with fruit or yoghurt. Water is available in the canteen for students to fill their water bottles.  


Can my child buy products that are not included?

Yes, the lunch or brunch offer will be covered by the free school meal credit, but if they want to buy something that is not covered (or want to have something at both break and lunch) then they can purchase this from any monies they have on their lunch card/ID card that you have provided.


Can my child have something at break and something at lunch on the free school meal credit?

No, the credit for the day can be used at either break time or lunch time, but they are only entitled to one free meal per day.


What happens if my child does not use the credit they receive on any one day?

The free school meal daily credit received can only be used on that day.


Can my child go into overdraft?

No, if there are no funds on a child’s card then they will not be able to purchase anything at the canteen. You can top up your child’s account/card at anytime to ensure they have money for snacks, drinks etc from the canteen.



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