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The Bishop of Winchester Academy

The Bishop
of Winchester

16-19 Tuition Funding

What is the 16-19 tuition fund?

The 16-19 tuition fund is one-off funding for the 2021/22 academic year that is ring fenced for Sixth Form colleges to support students and mitigate disruption to learning arising from the COVID-19 pandemic. The 16 to 19 tuition fund has been allocated to a small group of students for those who had not achieved grade 4 or above in either GCSE English and/or maths by the age of 16. Targeted students are identified based on their prior attainment in English and Maths and these supported students are currently completing a 16 to 19 study programme at The Bishop of Winchester Academy. Priority for tuition will be afforded to the most disadvantaged students based on their socio-economic background, SEND status and volume of disruption to their learning through COVID-19.

How is the provision provided?

Our provision has fully taken into consideration the most effective strategies for our students which encompasses small group and 1:1 directed tuition. Each student has been assigned a subject specialist tutor for their provision, offering additional support, resources and 1:1 tuition. Each specialist tutor has the appropriate knowledge, skills, and experience, and has received appropriate training to enable students to get the catch-up support necessary. Each tuition session has had a maximum of two students at any one time which is recognised to have the greatest impact.  The Academy has purchased bespoke resources such as Hegarty maths and past papers to use to support their learning.

This statement is in line with the Government guidance and we have published this statement to demonstrate how this additional funding will be utilised in the academic year 2021/22. This document may be updated to reflect any changes in ESFA guidance.

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