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The Bishop of Winchester Academy

The Bishop
of Winchester

A Level Media

Why choose Media Studies?

If you are intrigued by how programmes and film are created and developed, Media Studies could be the right option for you. In addition, if you’d like to produce a video, write for a magazine, or create web pages, the opportunity exists on this course. Media Studies will add breadth to your studies, as well as enhance your research, analytical and evaluative skills. A deeper understanding of media theory will be gained through practical application of learning.

Media Studies is an analysis of the information technology available in our lives – where it comes from, how we receive it and the effect it has on our view of the world. Media Studies has close links with many other subjects; a film can be studied like a novel in English Literature. The practical elements of the course reference areas such as Photography, IT, Graphics and Performing Arts. It considers Media industries in the UK and USA as well as exploring issues world-wide.

How will I learn?

Through a combination of theoretical and practical work – there will be analysis of films, TV programmes, magazines and newspapers. Practical sessions in video and desktop publishing will help you with your practical units. There will be group discussion, essay work and individual research projects. Trips to TV studios will be encouraged as well as making use of off-site locations for production work.

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