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The Bishop of Winchester Academy

The Bishop
of Winchester

Covid Update

The Department of Education has had to place some requirement on schools to continue with ‘contact tracing’ if it becomes necessary during the Christmas break. 

It is therefore important that parents and carers are aware of the following:

  • For the first 6 days after teaching ends (that’s until 23rd December), if a student tests positive for coronavirus (COVID-19), having developed symptoms within 48 hours of being in school:
    • You should contact the academy at  This email address will be checked once a day at 10.00am
    • A member of staff will contact you to discuss any further information which may be required
  •  the school will be identifying close contacts and advising self-isolation, as the individual may have been infectious whilst in school
    • If you child is identified as being a close contact a member of staff will contact you and advise you of the dates for self-isolation.
    • You will find a copy of a letter which provides you with further information attached and should you be contacted you will be advised of the dates which should be inserted in place of ‘xxx’ and ‘yyy’.
  • Where a student tests positive for coronavirus (COVID-19), having developed symptoms more than 48 hours since being in school, the academy should not be contacted. Parents and carers should follow contact tracing instructions provided by NHS Test and Trace. 
  • Where a student is required to self-isolate due to contact with a positive case, has symptoms and/or receives a positive test result, after the first 6 days, parents should advise the academy on the first day of the new term, using Weduc, the online form on the website, emailing or by telephone on 01202 512697 and selecting Option 1.

In order to reduce any impact through Christmas and into the new year, I would ask that all families follow the Tier 2 restrictions carefully over the Christmas period.

  • Duke of Edinburgh
  • Diocese of Winchester