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The Bishop of Winchester Academy

The Bishop
of Winchester


Dear Parents,

I am writing to report to you on a very successful first week back at school.  It was an absolute pleasure to welcome our students back to ‘Bishop’.  I want to compliment all of our students on the sensible and mature attitude they have demonstrated in response to the changes that are in place at the academy.  Students have risen admirably to address the challenges of the ‘new normal’ for school life.  They are very much living out our mantra of ‘High Expectations- No Excuses’.  I am very proud of them and I wanted to thank you for preparing them so well for a successful return to school.

I would like to offer a few reminders and notices that it would be helpful to share with you.


To promote the safety of our students and staff in our school community your child will be issued with a coloured lanyard and card holder to reflect their "Year bubble" on Monday 14th September. 

Year 11 – purple

Year 10 – red

Year 9 – yellow

Year 8 – blue

Year 7 – green

The lanyard and cardholder will become an essential part of the school uniform (as the face coverings now are).  It is important that your child remembers to bring, and wear their lanyard every day at school, so that we can ensure all students remain within their safe "bubbles".  Due to COVID safety, we are unable to lend out replacements but replacements can be purchased through SQUID for £1.  And lost cards will cost £3.50.

Face coverings

Unfortunately, we have already had several students who have forgotten their facemasks, it is imperative that students wear masks during transition and in enclosed areas for their safety and the safety of our staff.  From Monday 14th September students will have to pay 50p via SQUID for a disposable mask that they can purchase and use for the day.  


Due to the weather being slightly warmer than expected for this time of year, can we please ask that you continue to ensure your child has enough water to drink during the school day.  Your child may need extra water on a day they have physical exercise.  The canteen facilities are not fully back in action, however, your child can now purchase bottled water in their break time zone for 75p.  Tthe canteen staff are also looking at providing a limited range of snacks. Unfortunately, we can only accept cash at this time for these purchases.  Water dispensers will be available and supervised in the students ‘bubble’ zone at break and lunch times. 

Student Entrance and Arrival

Students should arrive, by 8.25am, using their designated entrance and make their way to their outside zone:

Year Group




Mallard Road pedestrian entrance

Canopy Area behind Art Block


Field Gate

Quad 1 (between Science & Humanities)


Main Driveway

Rose Garden (between Hall & Canteen)


Field Gate

Quad 2 (between Humanities & Art)


Mallard Road pedestrian entrance

Straight to Mentor Rooms via Reception

6th Form

Main Driveway

Straight to class


Cycle entrance – students should lock their bike in the bike shed before making their way to their Year Group zone using the most direct route


Teaching & Learning

Knowledge Organiser homework starts on Monday.  Supporting your child in remembering the key dates, formulae and facts will be of significant help.  You will notice a new parent table inside the front cover of each Knowledge Organiser.  Please complete this and your child will receive an additional house point.

Homework Club will start on Monday for years 7, 8 and 9.  This will run for an hour after school each day, in a computer room, and will support your child in consolidating their learning.  Do take advantage of this provision. 

Teachers will soon be providing initial feedback on how well your child has settled in.  Look out for these settling in reports at the end of week 3.

Online Safety

I would like to introduce Ms Jones, Online Safety Officer for The Bishop of Winchester Academy.  Ms Jones has worked at the academy for a year and is the Subject Leader for Computer Science.  She is our trained Online Safety Ambassador for CEOP (Child Exploitation and Online Prevention) and she is experienced in this role.  She will be facilitating online safety sessions to parents, which will give you help and advice regarding your child’s safety online, so please look out for information on these.  In the meantime if you have any questions or worries about online safety please email her at


Thank you for your continued support.

Best wishes

Paul Mc


  • Duke of Edinburgh
  • Diocese of Winchester