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The Bishop of Winchester Academy

The Bishop
of Winchester

Winchester College

On  Wednesday 19th October some of our Year 12 students were invited to participate in the annual Studium event at Winchester College.

Twelve students visited to listen to three lectures from notable speakers.

Our first was a lecture on the variety of opportunities that a career in medicine offers from Professor Margot Gosney. She has had a long and distinguished career in the medical profession and spoke passionately about the variety of additional opportunities she has had in her carerr, from further research into a flu vaccine to calorie intake of hospital patients, the title ‘Medicine is not what you think’ was clearly appropriate.

Following this was a very interesting lecture on the changing face of our economy by James Sproule the chief economist at Handlesbanken UK and a former advisor to the UK government. He spoke on the shift in economics towards an intellectual economy and how growth and value would be added to economies around the world. By understanding the value of their knowledge students will be well placed to think about careers in the future.

Our final lecture of the morning was from Sir David Clementi amongst other roles a previous Chair of the BBC, a day after the 100th birthday of the corporation this was an enlightening talk about the role of the BBC and it’s future in an increasingly subscription based media world.

The day finished with a talk from some college tutors about university and careers futures. 


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