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The Bishop of Winchester Academy

The Bishop
of Winchester

A Level Maths

Why choose A level Mathematics?

Mathematics enables people all around the world to communicate and exchange knowledge.  The logic and reasoning skills developed make sure the qualification is widely respected even in non-mathematical arenas. Any student who studies A Level Mathematics demonstrates to a potential employer that they are not afraid of challenge! What is the best speed and angle to throw a basketball into the basket? Is the UK crime rate related to economic conditions?  How can maths help endangered species? You can learn to solve problems such as these through studying this qualification.

This course builds on the knowledge and skills that you acquired during your GCSE. It will increase your understanding of familiar ideas and introduce you to new concepts and techniques. You will study a combination of Pure and Applied Mathematics.  

How will I learn?

Lessons will include lectures, discussion, websites, graphing packages, self and peer assessment and lots of practice – all in order to deepen knowledge and understanding.

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  • Duke of Edinburgh
  • Diocese of Winchester