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"The Academy's ethos and the improvements in the quality of teaching promote good behaviour and positive attitudes to learning well." (Ofsted July 2013)

The History teachers at TBOWA are passionate about History and believe that History is the most fascinating, challenging and intellectually stimulating subject in the curriculum. By studying History at the Bishop of Winchester Academy, students will experience the excitement and the enjoyment of exploring and interrogating the past. Students are expected to work hard but are well-supported by teachers.

We endeavour to ensure that the content of the lessons appeals to all students, and learning activities are varied to account for students’ differing abilities and learning styles. Students examine a timeline of events and periods that incorporates British, European and world history from the eleventh century to the present day. Students will develop key historical skills and concepts that will aid them in their other subjects, and will help progress their critical thinking and independent research skills - whether or not they opt to continue to study History at GCSE.

Year 7

Students in Year 7 will study:

·         The Norman Conquest

·         Medieval Life

·         The Reformation and the Tudors

·         The Stuarts and the British Civil Wars

Year 8

Students in Year 8 will study: 

·         The Slave Trade

·         World War One

·         The Rise of Hitler and World War Two 

·         The Holocaust

Key Stage 4

Choosing to study GCSE History at TBOWA opens up a world of future career opportunities to students. The course we study is academically challenging, engaging and offers a range of topics that covers both historical breadth and depth studies. The course examines the past from different perspectives, ensuring our students get to evaluate political, social, economic, cultural, religious, national and international elements to the topics we study. At TBOWA we follow the Edexcel GCSE History course.

Students in Year 9 will study:

·         Crime and Punishment in Britain. From c.1000 to the present day.

·         Whitechapel, c1870–c1900: crime, policing and the inner city.

·         The USA, 1954–75: conflict at home and abroad.


Students in Year 10 will study:

·         The USA, 1954–75: Conflict at home and abroad.

·         The reigns of King Richard I and King John, 1189–1216.

Students in Year 11 will study:

·         Superpower Relations and the Cold War 1945-1992.

·         Revision of all four units.

 The GCSE is assessed by three written examinations at the end of Year 11: 

·         Paper One - 1 hour and 15 minutes worth 30 % of total qualification

·         Paper Two - 1 hour and 45 minutes worth 40% of total qualification

·         Paper Three - 1 hour and 20 minutes worth 30 % of total qualification

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  • Arts University
  • Duke of Edinburgh
  • Diocese of Winchester
  • Teach First
  • University of Exeter
  • The University of Winchester
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