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The Bishop of Winchester Academy

The Bishop
of Winchester

Instrumental Lessons

Instrumental lessons have been proven to increase the chances of academic success for many years.  They offer the chance to improve memory recall and dexterity as well as improving communication, creativity and collaborative skills.  Students who have studied an instrument to a good level often demonstrate to higher education providers and employers that they are resilient, hard-working and dedicated and that they can work with others.  Learning an instrument is a skill that gives people the chance to make music for themselves and with others throughout their lives, offering a chance to meet new people for enjoyment and relaxation. 

Students will receive 20 minute lessons with a specialist instrumental teacher.  Lessons are weekly and will take place for 10 weeks during the term, with a break for half term.  They are timetabled on a rotation basis to limit students missing the same subject too frequently.  The lessons we are able to offer this term are in the following instruments:

  • Electric/acoustic guitar
  • Drums
  • Piano
  • Vocals


There are 10 lessons this term and each lesson will cost £8.   Payment in advance of lessons is required and should be made through Parent Pay. If financial circumstances mean that the full amount cannot be given in one payment, you may ‘top up’ your account throughout the term.

Payment for one term is as follows:

Full Payment £80






You will be sent an invoice part way through the term to confirm payments made and outline any outstanding balance.

Missed Lessons

If particular instruments are oversubscribed, a waiting list will be put into place, student attendance in lessons will therefore be monitored carefully.  Students who frequently fail to attend may not be offered a place next term.  Unfortunately, we will not be able to offer a refund if a student forgets to attend or is absent due to illness.  If they cannot attend a lesson due to a planned visit, students should speak to their instrumental teacher at the earliest opportunity to see if a change can be accommodated.  It is therefore the students’ responsibility to make sure they know when their lessons are and they have recorded it in their planner.  If teachers are absent, then parents will receive a refund for any lessons that have not taken place during the term.

Cancellation/Discontinuation of lessons

It is assumed that the student will attend lessons for the full 3 terms. A full month’s notice is required to discontinue instrumental lessons. Refunds will not be issued for lessons once the term has commenced.

Lesson times

Students will then find their lesson times on the timetable notice board in the Music Department and their times should be recorded in their planner. Paper copies of timetables are available on request. Timetables are subject to change. It is important that the students check their times each week. Students are encouraged to ask one of the Music team if they are unsure of where to go or what time their lesson is to ensure that they attend.


We encourage students to bring their own instruments, leads and other equipment required for a lesson, where possible.  Instruments can be kept in the department storage cupboard, which has a combination lock on it. However, other music students will have access to this and I therefore strongly advise that you check whether the instrument is covered under a contents insurance policy or take out specialised instrument insurance to cover any loss or damage. The department will not take responsibility for items that are lost or damaged whilst in the department.

Instrument hire is available through the Music Education Hub (Soundstorm) if your child does not have their own instrument. Hire prices start from £35 a year or £15 per term. If you would like to hire an instrument you can do this through the Soundstorm website. This is a fantastic opportunity if your child would like to start a new musical instrument and you do not want to commit to buying one yet.


Peripatetic instrument lessons application form

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