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The Bishop
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Applied Science Curriculum Overview

BTEC Level 3 Extended Certificate Applied Science 

BTEC Applied Science is an exciting practical based subject suitable for students who have an interest in the applications of Science or are taking A Levels that use scientific principles.  Students will develop a broad range of scientific skills with the course introducing them to practical techniques and procedures. This course is suited to students who are well organised, self motivated and enjoy practical work.

Biology Curriculum Overview

A Level Biology 

The Biology course offers students the opportunity to study a wide range of interesting topics, from the intricate details of cell structure and biochemistry to entire ecosystems. Animals, plants and micro-organisms are all considered in terms of the workings of their cells, evolution, genetics, behaviour and how they can be used to benefit humankind through biotechnology. Current concerns about human impact on the Earth are examined along with the challenges of maintaining bio-diversity and sustainably managing the environment.

 Chemistry Curriculum Overview

A Level Chemistry

Chemistry is a vital science. It is the study of materials based on the properties of atoms and the way that these atoms can be combined. Without Chemistry, there could not have been any new drug development, new dyes, agrochemicals, plastics, computers or spacecraft. We would have a much poorer understanding of the world, from the way that our bodies work, to the effects of human activity on the environment. Chemistry is at the cutting edge of new technology.

 Physics Curriculum Overview

A Level Physics

Physics deals with questions about the fundamental nature of our Universe. What is it made from? How do matter and energy behave within it? How can we harness both to our greatest advantage? The application of physics principles can be used to help solve some of the most pressing problems of our time such as how we can meet the ever increasing demand for energy in an environmentally friendly way. As well as being a fascinating and stimulating subject, physics will be at the core of future technological developments. Physicists will always be in demand




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