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Knowledge Organisers

The new linear GCSES have an increasing focus on the retrieval and application of knowledge, some of which pupils have been learning from the beginning of Year 7. This is putting more pressure on our students to know and retain information for longer.

Research suggests that information, if not revisited or revised is not stored in the long term memory. This can mean that knowledge may not be retained after studying it for one lesson or revising for one test. It won’t be recalled unless it is revisited frequently, which will embed it in the long term memory. In the long-term this makes recall far easier.

In order to assist our students with building their long term memory and in the interest of teaching them successful revision habits, each department has been working hard to produce Knowledge Organisers for each year group which are of the highest quality for our students. This will form the basis of our new homework policy.

If a student loses their Knowledge Organiser they are required to purchase a replacement or print it out at home. Pricing for replacement Knowledge Organisers is available from finance.

Digital copies of the current Knowledge Organisers can be found below:



Lent One Knowledge Organisers



  • University of Bournemouth
  • Arts University
  • Duke of Edinburgh
  • Diocese of Winchester
  • Teach First
  • University of Exeter
  • The University of Winchester
  • Ambitions
  • Southampton University
  • Bath Spa University