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The Bishop of Winchester Academy

The Bishop
of Winchester

A Level English Language

Why choose English Language?

English Language is an analytical study of how language works, how it is used and how to use it. It involves analysis of a variety of written and spoken texts, for example letters, adverts, journalistic articles, magazine articles and writing in a persuasive style to reach a non-specialist audience. You will learn how to investigate for yourself how people are using language and you will learn new ideas and new terminology. This course would appeal to you if you are interested in what people say, how they say it, how written language affects readers and how you can adapt your writing style to persuade and entertain others.

We expect to study the following aspects of language, through class work, reading and independent research:

  • how to write persuasively
  • how to analyse language
  • how people use language in different regions of England and in different social groups
  • how children acquire language
  • how language is used to influence our thoughts and perceptions
  • the differences between spoken and written language

How will I learn?

Looking at and listening to examples of language use, identifying aspects of language and learning the technical terms to describe them, discussing and writing about issues to do with language. This will be done through a mixture of whole-class work, small group activity and individual consultation with your teacher. It will also involve private reading and individual research, probably involving interviewing and tape recording language users.

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