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The Bishop of Winchester Academy

The Bishop
of Winchester


Geography Curriculum Overview

A Level Geography 

Are you interested in today’s world? Do you want to find out more about topical issues currently in the news? Topics like river flooding, coastal management, problems of rapid population growth and the environmental impact of energy production? Then Geography is the subject for you.

History Curriculum Overview

A Level History 

Many issues in the news have historical roots so studying History will help you to understand the modern world.  History promotes independent enquiry, investigation, refines extended writing and promotes critical thinking.  Academically respected and entirely transferable, History will open many doors for your future success.

Religion, Philosophy and Ethics Curriculum Overview

A Level Religion, Philosophy and Ethics

The value of Philosophy and Ethics  will attract those who wish to acquire a deeper knowledge and understanding of the meaning to Life’s Big Questions. It encourages the development of learners’ understanding of the modern world and establishes a deeper knowledge and appreciation of philosophical and ethical theories.

With an emphasis on enabling learners to respond critically and engage with a wealth of philosophical, ethical and religious concepts, it will equip them with analytical skills readily transferable to other subjects.

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